Problem Of the Week #3: Lifestyles (V9)

14 Feb

“Lifestyles” (V9) is on the road-facing end of the AVP boulder, located in the AVP Area next to the Boneyard. With a short 2-3 minute hike, and a plethora of other problems with grades of every difficulty from v0-9, this area is hard to pass up. Lifestyles may well be in the list of best problems in Grayson. With a good landing and a height that excites but doesn’t qualify as a “scary” climb, this is a sought after boulder problem for anyone.life3

This line was thought of as one of the harder testpieces in the park and went undone (un-attempted actually) for several years. Jimmy Webb came out with a crew of badasses and swept through the park sending several harder established problems and putting up a few in the process. life5While here I suggested he stop off and topple this rig as well.

I saw a few days later that, to my surprise, that he called this line a V9 (as opposed to the v12+ grade we all assumed it to be) and that he gave it 3 stars. I couldn’t believe it and I just had to go up to see for myself. Sure enough, with the holds chalked up and the knowledge that this this was climbed only a day or two prior, it went after about 35 minutes of work. This thing is  super fun, skin friendly, and exciting.life6

Sit start under the roof, deep in the left corner of the face in two staggered jugs.life7 Using inventive footwork, pull through the thuggy low moves with big tosses to nice, friendly, rounded crimps. Once out onto the still steep but not as aggressive face, work into nice jugs below the lip. Gain the lip of the boulder and work through to positive but thought provoking knobs to top out the boulder.
The name of this line stems from the PrAna crew that Jimmy was with who were shooting a short film for the company called “Lifestyles”.life8 It’s a great name for a great line. Come by and check it out once the weather warms up a bit, it’s a must do for the area!

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