Problem of The Week #4: Slabacious (V0)

26 Feb

“Slabacious”(V0) is in the spotlight for this week’s POW (Problem Of [the] Week). This overlooked but exciting problem in the gorgeous Highlands Area of GHSP deserves some long overdue notoriety. Slabacious is a tall, featured (but not TOO featured) slab/dihedral located on the prestigious Highland Highball boulder.

First off, any climb on this boulder gets an instant star for aesthetics simply for being located where it is. Situated in what is easily the most beautiful landscape VA has to offer, almost any problem gets my vote for at least one star (if you’ve been there I know that you are nodding in agreement). Secondly, the height of this one and the “scary but fun” factor probably constitute adding one more star. I wouldn’t really go beyond that though. Certainly being just left of what is the best V2 in GHSP (or Virginia as a whole) “The Highland Highball” makes Slabacious a worthwhile climb to run up.slabacious

Slabacious stand-starts in the noticeable dihedral that is a few feet to the left of the “Highland Highball” and is fairly difficult to protect with pads (but having a couple on the ground is necessary for sure). The start and mid section of the line are mostly easy-going with tiny, slopey, angular edges to press and pull off of. About three-quarters of the way up a couple tricky maneuvers (and the use of the left wall) lead to an airy reach above to the juggy top edge of the left dihedral face, giving way to the easy-ish topout.

Once you find yourself at the top of this boulder you realize why this climb, along with most any other climb in the Highlands, is so dadgum perfect. Windswept views overlooking miles of open Appalachian Mountain ranges, boulders and rocky peaks in every direction, PONYS, and a sense of awe that any climber will experience make this problem pretty rad. Be sure to give it a go whether this is your warm-up or hard climb for the day!

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