Problem Of The Week #5: Cherokee Dihedral (V1)

2 Mar

This POW (Problem Of [the] Week) is all about the awesome “Cherokee Dihedral” (V1) on the Rock House Boulder in the Picnic Area of GHSP. Most everyone who has visited the Picnic Area of the park has spent a little time on this problem, and for a few folks this has even been their very first outdoor V1. I wish I could say that my first V1 was as awesome as this.Cher2

Cherokee Dihedral is a tall, exciting, full value boulder problem that can be accomplished by using any one of the numerous beta sequences that work to suit most any climbing style and wing span. Most everyone gets to span, layback, and skate feet while attempting to reach the “glory” jug crack below the lip of the boulder.

One of the many perks of a session at the picnic area and the Rock House boulder is that you get to be lazy. Very lazy. The Rock House boulder is literally an easy stone’s throw (effortless toss really) from where you park, and the approach may take 30 seconds if you’re really dragging your feet. Additionally, there is a nice picnic tableCher1 thoughtfully situated beside the boulder, so those of you who have really fancy gear don’t even have to get it dirty by laying it on the leaves (heaven forbid). If this isn’t enough, several camp grills are set up nearby the boulders. so hey, why not bring steaks for an after session victory meal?

Cherokee Dihedral starts low on a massive jug and works up several similar large holds as the face becomes progressively steeper. A transition over to the right face and a cruxy foot switch/slide/swing to a better foot ledge to the right gets you into the “glory crack” jug holds. Once there, a reach to the juggy top of the boulder and an easy (lofty) mantle finishes out the line. A few pads and some spotters go a long way on this one.Cher3

The name of this problem and most of the other lines on this boulder relate to when the Rock House boulder was used by Native Americans as a home and shelter. Logs were situated against the steeply overhung boulder and provided a nice place to live and escape the often harsh weather of the region. I’m sure they put up the first ascents of all of the most classic lines in the Grayson Area too.

Mountain Project Page for the Rock House Boulder:

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