800 Club

11 Jun

The number 800 holds a lot of significance in the world. The new 2013 LEGO Brickset has 800 parts. 800 is how many parts per million of carbon dioxide that some scientists believe may be in Earth’s atmosphere by the end of this century.IMG_4634 It is approximately how many manuscripts that Bedouin treasure hunters and archaeologists unearthed in caves while looking for sea scrolls near the Dead Sea, and it is likewise how many micrograms of folic acid that womenshealth.gov recommends pregnant women need to acquire every day. I think it is also no small thing that the same number now applies to how many boulder problems are presently established and documented in Grayson Highlands State Park.

I have been lucky enough to celebrate most milestones as they have been developed. The Bicentennial arête, Tercentennial Traverse, and so on signifying the establishment of the next 100th problem. 800 was a goal of for this summer season, and although I had hoped to focus more so on specific projects in the park, with the discovery of a new, easy to access area, the 800thtoll-free-numbers-for-small-business line came swiftly and early on in-between projects. I am hopeful that the 900th will very soon come to fruition, possibly even in the next few months.

The 800th problem in GHSP was put up on the Pigs Boulder, named “Toll Free” (V5-6), and was sent on June 4th, 2013. Check it out here, along with over 800 other problems, on MountainProject.com (the area is new, under development, and not covered in the GHSP Bouldering Guidebook): http://www.mountainproject.com/v/pigs-boulder/108177682

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