Problem Of the Week #10: “The Hive”(V3)

2 Jul


The Hive is a classic. A close and easy approach from the parking lot, fun and challenging moves to suit all climbers, a fun height hive 1and nice landing, and a close proximity to a myriad of other problems all combine to make this line one of the park’s favorite and most traveled V3’s. With an array of small but useable hold options, height is generally not an issue (and stand starts are always a plus).

The Hive boulder sits in a beautiful birch-spruce dominated forest, unique for a Southeastern boulderfield, and the elevation (near 5,000ft) keeps the temperature nice and cool even during the summer months. The Hive is located along the start of the Listening Rock Trail (LRT), which is home to a few of the most beautiful views and lookouts in the state of Virginia. The Buzzard Rock overlook and the Listening Rock offer viewers an expansive and distant panorama of the Blue Ridge Mountains, over the VA state line,Hive 2 and past West Jefferson toward Boone NC. Another perk of the LRT is that in addition to all of the nice problems on The Hive boulder, a boulderer has access to over 300 other problems along and off of access trails from the LRT.

The Hive (V3) stand starts on a low pedestal block below the main boulder. Climbing up the mid face of the upper block you find thin edges and side-pulls leading to flat edges, shallow crimp/pockets, and smooth crystal pebble knobs for the top.

The name “the hive” stems from myHive 3 earliest experience climbing on this boulder. I was with a friend who was just getting into climbing, and unbeknownst to me, he was allergic to bee stings. We started climbing and exploring the boulder and he “found” a ground nest of hornets near the far side of the block. Neither of us had Benadryl.

Be sure to check out “The Hive”, “Eye of the Narwhal”, “Honeycomb” and all of the rest of the awesome lines on The Hive boulder next time you’re visiting GHSP! Here is the MP link to The Hive boulder:

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