GHSP Bouldering Closures Starting TOMORROW!

1 Nov

backgaraund-sports-gallery-sport-hunting-free-135827Attention! Grayson Highlands State Park will be closed to climbing (and basically everything else), except for the beautiful Highlands Area on these dates: The 2nd (yes that’s tomorrow), 4th, 5th, 18th, and 19th of November. Sorry for the short notice, it sort of snuck up on us. This is a yearly lottery hunt to control the enormous and unchecked population of TR_Buckskin_Tiffany_Knifewhitetail deer in the park. No climbing or visitor use of the majority of the park will be permitted during these days. Hunting is not permitted on Sundays in the state of Virginia, so you are in the clear there. So remember, don’t come to GHSP to climb tomorrow, the 4th & 5th, and the 18th & 19th unless you plan to climb exclusively in the Highlands Area.

Also of great importance is the opening of general deer hunting in state and national forest near and adjacent to GHSP. This occurs from the 16th-30th of November. You will need to bring blaze orange intofree_deer_hunting_tips_big_buck11 the forest if you will be climbing in state of national forest property. People get shot all the time, so don’t let that happen to you. Wear orange clothing, paint your face, and cover your crash pad in an orange trash bag, whatever it takes… You don’t want to end up on the wrong side of the barrel on this one.

2 Responses to “GHSP Bouldering Closures Starting TOMORROW!”

  1. Ranger Marci November 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    Thank you Aaron! Sorry for the short notice and I’ll try to make sure you know next year’s dates in plenty of time to get the word out.

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