Problem Of the Week #14: Moonlight Sonata (V3)

26 Nov

Beethoven Moonlight Sonata

Moonlight Sonata is one of those problems that you do every chance you get.3 Its highball, but not so highball that you think “what the hell was I doing” once the adrenaline wears off. Its scary, not because you would be seriously injured if you fell, but because the spice of the problem waits at the top. Its also one of the most unique rigs around because you get to not only paddle out a surfboard-like feature, but you can shimmy in-between the “surfboard” flake and the boulder for a full-on recliner rest (eat your heart out Moonshine Roof) midway up the climb. Anyway, Moonlight Sonata is the berries, and make sure you try it out next time you are around the LRT.

Moonlight 2Moonlight sonata starts off at the base of the huge overhang, to the far left, on an obvious jug/chunk for the sit start. Work up and into the long seam that forms the huge plank/surfboard/flake feature. Campus, dangle, or heal-hook your way to the end of the surfboard or until you can reach the holds above it.

Take some time to hang out on the surfboard, or continue on, following the good holdsMoonlight 3 up and left to the obvious juggy, chunky goodness at the top left. While topping out, there is an added bonus. Use the small Yellow birch tree at the top to finish the climb. While it is obviously up to you to use it, the climb is rated as such with the tree “on” to avoid having to remove and harm any further vegetation. If you don’t want to use the tree, that’s fine, but don’t clean the boulder any further please!

To the right is a much bolder V4 called Bad Moon Rising which I’ll be sure to cover in a later post. Moonlight Sonata and surrounding problems located in the Grayson Highlands Bouldering Guidebook on pages: (147-149). MP page link:

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday!

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