Grayson Highlands General Store & Inn

3 Jan

Hey folks! I’m not sure if you have had the chance to stop by the Grayson Highlands General Store & Inn yet, but this past summer/fall the business changed hands and the building got a nice makeover. As you drive up on 58, to your left you will see the nice white building with a brand new deck, outside tables, and a new outdoor sign. This is now the closest grocery (nice beer selection) and restaurant to the park, and the owner is psyched for climbers to come by!


I stopped by recently and spoke with Dennis Conroy, the owner of the Grayson Highlands General Store & Inn. He is super nice and couldn’t be more excited to be living in the area. He has a solid selection of organic groceries and plenty of foods to take back to camp. He also has plans to open the top floor as a rental Inn, so look for that on the horizon as well!


The restaurant menu looks fantastic and I cant wait to get back up there for a post session meal. Hot pizza, subs, hotdogs and more. Oh yeah, and breakfast! Stop by on your next trip up!


One Response to “Grayson Highlands General Store & Inn”

  1. Shamus Gaffney January 7, 2016 at 8:36 pm #

    Quality beer and pizza right outside the park!? OH YEAH!!!!!!! Can’t wait ’til May!

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