2016 GHSP Bouldering & Stewardship Weekend

19 Apr

GHSP Pano2016

Hello! It is time for the 4th annual GHSP Bouldering & Stewardship Weekend! I would like to thank everyone who has come out and participated in this grassroots stewardship event over the last four years. We have made a huge difference and helped set a precedence for how we can be collectively be greater stewards within the climbing and outdoor community. This year we will establish a climber path into the awesome Wildwood Area which will be included in the upcoming Volume 2 of the GHSP Bouldering Guidebook, along with the amazing Back of Beyond Area that was the focus of last year’s Stewardship Weekend. As always, this is a low key grassroots stewardship effort. There is no competition or big-time staged event. This is simply an organized group effort to help sustain one of the best and most beautiful boulderfields in Appalachia! For event volunteers, park entance is free, as is the nights camping (camping in the field is free, but if you reserve a standard park campsite the fee still applies) A short bullet point and summary for this year’s event is as follows:

  • Click on FB Event Page or message if you are able to attend
  • Bring gloves and closed toed shoes
  • Bring food, water/drinks
  • Bring Tent/hammock, sleeping bag (musical instrument if so inclined)
  • Bring climbing gear!
  • Raffle $$


  • Meet at 9:00am at the LRT parking lot on Saturday the 28th
  • Work on establishing trail into the Wildwood until 2:00pm
  • Climb in the Wildwood until dark/dinner time
  • Hang out/night climb and camp
  • Meet at 9:00 at LRT on Sunday the 29th
  • Pick up trash and improve trails until 2:00pm
  • Event will informally end after 2, but we will climb until the day’s end


Prior to Attending: Please message or click on the Facebook Event Page if you plan to attend. Please bring work gloves, closed-toed shoes (we will be moving big rocks), Food, Water, Super Soaker or water gun, Bouldering gear, Tent/hammock & Sleeping Bag. Consider bringing a guitar, ice cold sodas, and $10 or more for the SVCC Raffle!

Saturday the 28th will start at 9:00am at the Visitor Center/LRT parking lot. We will gather tools and head down to the awesome & exciting Wildwood Area. Please bring food & water, and work clothes. If you plan to stay and climb in the Wildwood, bring your crashpads and gear as well! We will establish a small footpath throughout the main boulderfield and improve landings there. We will stop working at around 2:00pm, and if you would like to climb elsewhere feel free to do so! Otherwise, hang out and get a tour of the Wildwood and session on GHSP’s newest and proudest blocks.

The night of the 28th we volunteers get to camp for free in the field above the Park Office. At 7:00 we will hold the raffle at the Park Office field, and afterward we can all go night bouldering, or hang out at the campsite fire ring.

The 29th starts at 9:00am again for picking up trash along trails, scrubbing off chalky holds with water-guns and brushes, and rock armoring landings. After 2:00pm, the event will informally end, and we all can go climb!  Thank any and all of you who plan to attend, and feel free to message me here or through the Facebook Event Page with any specific questions!

Wildwood Photos:


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