Grayson Highlands State Park Boulderfields & Landscape Map

31 Mar

Hello friends! I just finished the GHSP Boulderfields and Landscape Map. This project took me two years to complete, so needless to say I am very excited to share it! The map lists over 500 individual problems, 11 areas, GHSP and greater Appalachian land forms and elevations, park attractions, trails, streams, flora and fauna, and the myriad of other wonderful outdoor recreational opportunities that GHSP has to offer. This map represents over a decade of experience exploring and climbing in GHSP.  I wanted to convey the overwhelming vastness and natural wonder that I have had out there, and that anyone can experience while visiting. I hope you enjoy getting lost looking at this map, just as I enjoyed allowing myself to get lost amid the boulders, mountains, creeks, ridges and rhododendron while exploring the amazing climbing and wilderness in Grayson. For the avid GHSP climber, you might find some exciting new boulders to explore if you look carefully!

Grayson Highlands State Park Boulderfields and Landscape Map

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