2017 GHSP Bouldering & Stewardship Weekend Re-Cap!

29 May

The 2017 GHSP Bouldering & Stewardship Weekend was such an amazing time and an absolute success! Having been a part of this big climbing community family for over a decade I still can’t help but to be blown away by the amount of hard work and dedication that we climbers bring to the table during stewardship events like these. With a collective of 30 phenomenal volunteers we went right to work toward some tough objectives and quickly accomplished them all.

unnamed (2)

This year we worked on the Luminary Area climber access trail all day on Saturday. The approach down to these wonderful blocks used to be one of the most grueling in the park. We met up at 9am to collect tools, gear, and to get a short trail work overview. At 10:00 we got set up and started the day’s work. A crew of dedicated stair makers focused on a heinous slope at the start of the approach trail, hand laying massive slabs with uncompromising precision. The result is one of the best set of stone stairs in the park! The majority of the Saturday crew worked on roughing in and perfecting the slope for the access trail down to the Luminary Boulders. We laid well spaced stepping stones through a spring seep and constructed a few more stone step-downs as needed. The night and day difference in accessibility is unbelievable! Now you can cruise down to some of the most exciting new blocks in the park with ease. After the trail was finalized we improved the landings to many of the Luminary Boulders and climbed for several hours before dinner.

unnamed (3)18739901_10210087432127704_502630385436835650_n

Saturday night was a stormy one. Scary even! With blinding lightening, constant thunder and some of the hardest rain I have seen in the park I thought for sure Sunday would be a wash out. The boulder gods had mercy however and when we woke up Sunday morning the boulders were almost entirely dry!

unnamed (4)

Sunday we were right back at it, rock armoring many boulders and improving some of the already rock armored blocks along the LRT. The Beast, Tiger, Hive, Warm-up, Alcatraz, Mike-N-Ike, Bicentennial, SLS, and Shanghai Boulders all got some love and stewardship. We also brushed and washed all the built up chalk residue from the boulders and the Contact Station Boulders as well!

unnamed (6)

I don’t know how, but every year for five years running the GHSP Bouldering & Stewardship Weekends get better every time! A massive thanks to each and every person who has ever come out to the event, to GHSP for being the most climber supportive State Park ever and so welcoming to event volunteers, and a huge thanks to all the event sponsors: Mountain Sports Limited, Misty Mountain Threadworks, Footsloggers, Regear, Hatchet Coffee, Center 45 Climbing! With the event sponsors help and love we raised over $200 for the Central Appalachia Climber’s Coalition through the awesome swag and gear raffle. unnamed (7)

Thanks again to all the amazing event volunteers for the hard work, dedication, blood, sweat, blisters, bug bites, stinging nettle stings, dirty clothes and all the rest of the awesome things about the weekend. Stewardship events like these are vital to our continued access to places we all love and cherish. Lets keep it going, and I cant wait to do it all again next year!


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