Park Information


The park is on U.S. 58 midway between Independence and Damascus and is reached from I-81 at Exit 45 in Marion (exit 50 Atkins); turn south on Route 16 and travel 33 miles to US 58 in the community of Volney. Turn right onto US 58. Travel eight miles to the park’s entrance on the right.

From I-77, take Hillsville Exit 14 to U.S. 58. Travel west on U.S. 58, 40 miles to Volney. Turn left to stay on U.S. 58 and go eight miles to the park entrance.

Drive Time : Northern Va., 6.5 hours; Richmond, 5.5 hours; Tidewater, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, 7.5 hours; Roanoke, 2.5 hours; Winston-Salem, 2 hours; Charlotte, 3 hours; Raleigh, 4 hours; Boone, 1.5 hours.

Camping in the park campsites will cost some money, but its a great set up. You have nice sites, electricity, close indoor bathrooms, heated showers, and oh yeah… bouldering in the campground as well.

You can pull up and ask to pay for a campsite at the pay booth, or if it is too late for an employee to be at the pay booth you can drive on in and pay at the small pay box in the campsite. You can also pay online at>>>
or you can call 1-800-933-PARK to reserve by phone.

The price tag is $21 a site and there are also RV hook-ups to be had. If you are coming to the highlands during peak season such as Memorial Day weekend or the 4th of July I would highly recommend calling ahead.
Quiet Hours are at 10:00.

The campsites have a two car, six person limit. Campfire rings and lantern stands are standard.

To get to the campground: Pull into the park and pay at the pay booth. Drive on in and do not turn until you see the brown sign with white letters saying “Campground” on your right. Turn right and drive for a bit until you pass the old camp store on you right which is a little log cabin (during the summer the store carries all kinds of supplies). After that you will come upon the start to the campground.

“Budget Camping”:
If the camp grounds are too pricey for you, if your looking for more of a private area, or if your looking to sleep around the ponies: Shove a tent and sleeping bag in your crash pad and hike up to the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area(MRNRA) and camp wherever you heart desires. The trade off is the hike and the amenity’s. The MRNRA offers the best view you could ask for and a night sky that you wont soon forget. Just hike as if your going to the Horizon Area in the Highlands, but instead of turning right to Horizon, stay on the trail to the left and go through the small pony gate into the MRNRA. Once behind the gate, you can set up camp right then and there.


Dogs are allowed.
-Must be on a 6ft leash at all times.
-You can camp with them.
-If you have an aggressive dog, leave it at home.
-Pick up poop.

Speaking of Dogs:

If you see this awesome dog:


Grendel, the mountain dog of GHSP.

His name is Grendel, and he lives with Andy and Marcia Holland, the Chief ranger/Assistant Manager of GHSP, just outside of the parks entrance. Grendel has a bright orange collar with a name tag that says “Andy Holland” and lists Grendel’s home telephone number. Grendel is not lost, so don’t try to rescue him or take him with you. He knows the forests, mountains, and boulders of GHSP well. When his family lets him out to run around, Grendel often explores the the A.V.P., Boneyard, and Crooked Road Areas. Just pet him and allow him to continue running around the woods, even if its getting too dark for you to climb.

Rental Crashpad/s, bouldering gear, Guidebooks, GHSP Maps, and chalk for sale at the park:

The park has FOUR rental Misty Mountain Highlander Crashpad for day use at the
-To rent the pad it costs a whopping $5 a day and you can pick it up at the office.
-You can also rent the GHSP Bouldering Combo, which is the Misty pad, a full
Chalkbag, and a GHSP Bouldering Brush
-The park has a variety of Misty chalkbags for sale, chalk to stock up on, and GHSP Toothbrushes as

-There are GHSP Bouldering Guidebooks for sale at the Park Office just past the pay booth! And at the  Visitors Center!

-GHSP Boulderfield Prints are available in the Park Office as well!

Cleaning/Brushing Boulders and Developing New Problems:

Brushing Existing Holds:

Do it! Holds get manky here in GHSP just like anywhere else. Don’t use wire brushes or stiff bristles or anything (dont be stupid) but feel free to bring a toothbrush or to bust out that swanky $12 boars hair if your greasy fangers are sludging up a hold… Or help out the park and carry around a sweet-ass GHSP toothbrush that you can pick up at the park office.

Cleaning New Boulder Problems:

Don’t do it! Please don’t try to put up new stuff on existing boulders in the park. Actually, don’t even think about bringing a steel bristled brush or harming any plant life in the park. If you find yourself scrubbing plant life off of a boulder you are WRONG. You are going to be the person who gets bouldering shut down in GHSP. There are over 800 established boulder problems in the park and almost 400 easily accessible and published problems in the guidebook. If this is not enough, go somewhere else.

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